The School Lab

Our school lab is a holistic end-to-end solution providing your school with avatars and robots to get on track with digital education.

Choose between an avatar based online learning environment and a modular learning space with loads of physical robots.

Or just start with an avatar lab and then stack physical robots to your lab – so it is possible to synchronize both lab solutions in order to find a solution customized to the needs of your school.

Avatar only

How does it work?

With the avatar only lab, students can train their own avatars in order to learn about the concepts, logics and collaborative nature of robotics.

Get templates to make teachers and students alike build their own avatar tutors, learning assistants and language trainers. Student can teach his or her personal avatar which, over time, becomes a real class mate.

Through this, students will playfully learn to understand not only abstraction, algorithmic thinking.

What you get?

We provide teachers and students with templates to use avatars as tutors and learning assistants for all kinds of subjects ranging from STEAM to history, biology and politics.

This makes the avatar school lab a great starting point to engage even the youngest students and to encourage them to solve real world problems with multi-avatar swarms.

Multi-robot: Stack your lab

How does it work?

The multi robot lab is modular learning space consisting of everything you need in order to make your students divide deep into robotics, human-robot interaction and coding.

You will have the opportunity to customize and design a set of differently themed stations which we then build up in your school.


What you get?

Since all stations are interconnected through, you can teach your students how to orchestrate these stations – well guided through our curriculum with project ideas and templates for all kinds of subjects.